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About Arm Lift Surgery

One big challenge when getting older or losing weight is gaining excess skin. At Andre P. Marshall Plastic Surgery, we offer arm lift surgery (also known as brachioplasty) as an option for patients who would like to reduce loose skin and achieve a tighter, more toned arm appearance. Loose skin from the elbow to the shoulder is very common, especially for people who have lost weight or are advancing in age. An arm lift effectively excises this hanging skin, commonly referred to as "bat wings." Double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andre P. Marshall is highly skilled in skin tightening and fat removal surgical techniques and can provide more information during a consultation at his office in Beverly Hills, CA.

What are the benefits?

At Andre P. Marshall Plastic Surgery, people who request arm lifts benefit from many significant results after their treatment:

  • Decreased friction, itching, and pain around the torso and arm areas
  • Removal of extra skin as a result of dramatic weight loss or aging
  • Solution for areas that seem to be stubborn despite exercise or healthy eating
  • Greater confidence and satisfaction when buying clothes

Am I A Candidate for Arm Lift Surgery?

An upper arm lift is a cosmetic surgery that employs innovative techniques to slim and remove excess skin. If you are tired of hiding your flabby arms and want them to look trim and taut again, you are a great candidate for an arm lift. You should be in good overall health so that the skin will heal well. Some of the primary symptoms for an arm lift patient are excess, loose skin on their upper arms, and lost skin elasticity. You must be at a healthy, stable weight before your procedure.

Arm Lift Surgical Technique

Some of the main indicators for an arm lift surgery include loose skin on the upper arms and minimal tautness of the skin. It is critical that you are at or close to your ideal weight before your procedure. Typically, your upper arm surgery will be performed in an outpatient setting under general anesthesia. The excess skin will be surgically excised starting at the elbow and continuing to the armpit. If you want liposuction to reduce stubborn pockets of fat, this can be completed as well. After the skin is tightened, it will be sutured together. You will need to care for the incisions by keeping them cleaned, covered, and wrapped with compression garments. Your recovery time will take about two weeks with lots of rest and arm elevation. You use your arms for many things so you should ease your way back into normal activities. Compression garments should be worn until you are released by Dr. Marshall.

Arm lift FAQs

Should I get liposuction during an arm lift?

Many of our patients in Beverly Hills, CA, choose to get liposuction at the same time as an arm lift. This is because liposuction can remove fatty deposits that prevent you from having the contoured look you desire. The need for liposuction varies depending on your individual anatomy and cosmetic goals, but our staff can provide guidance about this part of the procedure during your consultation.

Will I have scarring from an arm lift?

It is normal to have some scarring from an arm lift, but Dr. Marshall works hard to ensure incisions are made in natural creases and remain hidden from view. We can also provide guidance about skin care after arm lift surgery, which can reduce the appearance of future scarring. Our office may recommend methods like keeping the incision sites clean and protected from UV rays.

Can I combine an arm lift with other treatments?

An arm lift may be combined with other cosmetic procedures for even more dramatic results. This is especially true if you have additional areas of excess skin and fat that prevent you from looking and feeling your best. One of the best benefits of working with our clinic is that we create personalized treatment plans for each patient. We can explain what types of procedures may work best together.

Get Your Shape Back

If you desire to get rid of droopy skin or "bat wings" on your arms, you might be a good candidate for arm lift surgery at Andre P. Marshall Plastic Surgery. Through this surgical procedure, Dr. Andre P. Marshall has helped many Beverly Hills, CA patients feel younger and fitter after reducing loose skin and flab that hangs off their upper arms. We invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about how we could help you achieve your goals and improve your confidence.

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