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Can a Mommy Makeover be Customized to Meet My Needs?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 08/17/2023

Explore customized mommy makeover options with Dr. Andre Marshall in Beverly Hills, CA, including tummy tuck, liposuction, and personalized care.


Can a Breast Augmentation Make My Breasts Look More Full?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 07/30/2023

Explore how a breast augmentation at Andre Marshall Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, CA, can significantly enhance your breast volume.


I Have Flat Buttocks. Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Help Me?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 06/09/2023

Learn how a Brazilian butt lift can help enhance flat buttocks, providing a fuller, more rounded appearance.


Achieve a Flatter-Looking Stomach With Tummy Tuck Surgery

Dr. Andre Marshall | 05/05/2023

Your stubborn belly pooch or sagging skin can be a thing of the past with tummy tuck surgery.


Have Excess Body Fat After Weight Loss? Consider Liposuction

Dr. Andre Marshall | 04/15/2023

Struggling with those last few stubborn pounds? Liposuction may be the final step in your weight loss transformation.


Three Areas to Restore With a Mommy Makeover

Dr. Andre Marshall | 03/14/2023

Mommy makeover procedures may include breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgery. See how our body contouring procedures improve your appearance here.


Should I Reach My Goal Weight Before Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 02/09/2023

Learn if you should lose weight before undergoing breast augmentation surgery to improve the size and shape of your breasts.


How Can a Brazilian Butt Lift Improve My Figure?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 01/12/2023

If you want to improve your figure with rounder, firmer buttocks and hips, then a Brazilian butt lift may be an ideal choice.


Will I be on Bed Rest After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 12/08/2022

Learn what to expect from an abdominoplasty such as how much bed rest after a tummy tuck you will need to undergo.


How Many Inches Can Patients Lose With Liposuction Treatment?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 11/17/2022

Liposuction isn't designed to be a weight loss surgery, but it can help you trim inches off your waist if you're the right candidate.


Why Sitting Should be Avoided After Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Dr. Andre Marshall | 10/08/2022

Learn about the Brazilian butt lift and how it can remove fat from problem areas and create a curvier backside.


What Breast Shape Options Are Available for Breast Augmentation Patients?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 09/09/2022

Learn about the different types and shapes of breast augmentation implants and what you can expect from the cosmetic surgical procedure.


Three Post-pregnancy concerns Improved With Mommy Makeover Surgery

Dr. Andre Marshall | 08/21/2022

Tighten and slim your figure after pregnancy with a customized mommy makeover treatment plan.


Can I Lay Flat After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 07/31/2022

What can’t you do after a tummy tuck – and why? Review tummy tuck recovery guidelines here, including the most appropriate sleeping position.


Could I Have Too Much Fat for Liposuction Treatment?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 06/07/2022

Attain a slimmer waist and get rid of stubborn pockets of fat with customized liposuction treatment.


Will a Brazilian Butt Lift Get Rid of my Hip Dips?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 05/20/2022

Patients can achieve a shapelier figure with the BBL, a body contouring surgery that can produce fast and beautiful results.


Loss of Breast Volume After Pregnancy? Consider A Breast Augmentation

Dr. Andre Marshall | 04/23/2022

Dr. Andre Marshall offers breast augmentation after pregnancy to patients in Beverly Hills, CA.


Does BMI Determine If I Am Ready For Mommy Makeover Surgery?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 03/31/2022

Find out how your BMI may or may not affect your eligibility for mommy makeover surgery – and why it matters.


How Much Will My Waist Shrink After Tummy Tuck Surgery?

Dr. Andre Marshall | 02/03/2022

Want a small waist? Abdominoplasty removes loose or sagging skin from your stomach. Learn about tummy tuck surgery from our body contouring experts.


Four Common Areas on the Body to Get Liposuction

Dr. Andre Marshall | 01/13/2022

Liposuction surgery can remove unwanted fat pockets in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and buttocks. Learn the advantages of body contouring at our clinic.


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